Increase your business revenue or organization membership with website and marketing services from Bread and Roses Web Solutions. We’ve been in the business for over 25 years, working with the best agencies, nonprofits, publishers, professionals, entrepreneurs, restaurants and local small businesses.

Chuck Munson has been a web developer for 27 years and now considers himself a Full Stack Web Developer. Chuck has lived in Kansas City for much of his life. The city’s food is currently the subject of his blog Chuck Eats KC (also with a newsletter and podcast). He is also an artist, a librarian, and a Twitch streamer. Chuck enjoys walking, birding, gaming, writing, learning languages, and movies.

Chuck primarily develops websites in WordPress for clients, though recently he has been looking at React, Gatsby, Svelte, and Drupal for client website solutions. He is also a skilled troubleshooter and communicator. If your business or organization has run into a web related problem, Chuck can usually find solutions for you.

High Quality Nonprofit Website Solutions

Grow your membership, increase donations, improve public visibility, grow your base of vocal supporters and sustainers, and support your programs.

Website Maintenance Solutions

Your website and digital presence is one of your business or organizations most important assets. We have 25+ years experience developing and maintaining websites.

Restaurant and Small Business Websites

Increase your business, grow your loyal customer base, improve your visibility in the community, feature your food, people and culture. A smart small business website is critical in these times.

Open Web

We have decades of experience working with open source software. We support the independent and decentralized web.

We love making websites and digital solutions for small businesses and nonprofit organizations!

Mobile First Design

Responsive friendly design for all devices

Newsletter and List Building

Email list building. Newsletter design and development.

Content Strategy

Content planning, creation and analytics

Cloud Hosting

Set up cloud hosting through us.

Web Design For Home Services Companies

As a busy home services company, you may think that a website is an extra or a time-consuming sink hole, but even the busiest company needs an attractive, easy-to-use website. ​A smartly done website will generate new leads, new customers, and provide a 24/7 customer service assistant.

Why Restaurant Lighting Matters

Instagram. Social media. Is your restaurant fully optimized to enable your customers to show how much they love your food, restaurant, concept and staff? If your goal is to build a base of loyal, repeat customers, you want to do everything possible to encourage fans of your business to tell their friends and family and

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