Book and Magazine Design and Production

The world of book and magazine publication has changed rapidly in recent years. New digital formats are available and people read books and magazines on a variety of devices. But traditional books and magazines are still being published and still being read.

Our team has experience with book and magazine publishing. We have experience with small and large magazines. We do pre-press. We are recognized innovators in electronic publications.

Book Design and Production

We have experience with book design and creating maps and illustrations for books.

Magazine Design and Production

Magazine layout

We are experienced with InDesign, Xpress, Photoshop, and other programs for creating great magazine templates.

E-Books and E-Zines

Are you interested in self-publishing a book or e-zine, but need an attractive book cover and help with the content design? We can help you design and publish your e-publication.

"Albert Deane Richardson's Undercover Reporting" from "Yankee Reporters and Southern Secrets: Journalism, Open Source Intelligence, and the Coming of the Civil War" by Michael Fuhlhage.