Website Maintenance Services

Do you have an existing website or blog you need help with? Tired of doing software updates or fixing links? We can maintain the technical side of your website or blog, so you can focus on running your business, organization, event or blog. We have experience maintaining websites which use a variety of software and are hosted by different providers.

A monthly maintenance plan for your website can include the following services:

WordPress and plugin updates ~ We update your website when new versions of WordPress, themes, and plug-ins are released (monthly). Most of the time, these updates are for security, but often new features become available.

Site updates ~ We make updates to your site, such as changing hours of operation, adding and removing staff, fixing typos, linking to new documents, posting blog updates, and adding/removing media.

Backups ~ We perform regular updates of your site files, database and data.

Security audits ~ We monitor security alerts about software, plug-ins, and third party services.

Performance audits ~ Regular tests to find performance issues, so we can speed up your website for customers and users.

Support ~ We can tailor a support plan for your needs.

We can create a monthly maintenance plan tailored for your website (based on size, traffic and frequency of updates). Your plan can include the full list of services, or an ala carte selection of services.

Monthly Maintenance Plans


Small Business

$ 55 / m
  • Bi-weekly backups
  • Theme & plugin updates
  • Email support
  • Security scans
  • Google Analytics
  • Content revisions

Medium Business

$ 225 / m
  • Daily backups
  • Software updates
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Phone & chat support
  • Security scans
  • Content revisions


$ 550 / m
  • Medium plan plus
  • Staging site
  • Theme revisions
  • Database optimization
  • Consulting
  • Email configuration

Small Nonprofit

$ 25 / m
  • Software updates
  • Website backups
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Content revisions
  • Mailchimp Basic
  • Security scans

Small nonprofit ~ 1-3 paid employees
Small business ~ 1-3 paid employees