Our Stack

After working with a variety of content management systems over the past 25 years, Chuck has settled on a basic “stack” for quickly developing small business and organization websites. CMSs and themes come and go, but Chuck has found that the following stack is relatively secure, well-supported, extensible with thousands of plug-ins, and flexible for both mobile/responsible needs and digital marketing.

WordPress – The free, open source content management system used by at least 30% of websites on the Internet. Secure, with many options and thousands of developers and designers who can run your website if you switch between services (or lose your “web gal”).

GeneratePress – A basic theme framework for WordPress that puts many design and customization options into the dashboard.

Elementor – The page builder for WordPress which is easy to use, with many options, and is mobile friendly. In 2020, mobile first is more important than ever, so why not go with a page builder that enables cross browser and cross device designs, features, and functionality?